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I have a Mossberg 590 with Parkerized finish and would like to have ghost ring sights installed on it. I recently asked, on this board, if the TracLock sights could be installed on the 590 and was told that Yes, they could be. Thanks, I appreciate the help.

Does anyone have suggestions on someone that would be good at installing these? I live in SW MO and would like to find someone within driving distance if possible.

Thanks again,

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Gunsmithing is a little more expensive than just ordering another barrel from Mossberg with the front sights allready on the barrel, the barrel along with the rear sight is about 160-170 bucks plus shipping and you also will have a spare barrel in the end....I checked into sodering here in MN and I was looking at about 200 bucks plus a 1 month turnaround.....this is of course if you dont have to stick with a specific brand. Also, I forget the name of the company, but there is one that sells a clamp on version of the front sight and is suppose to be one of the top Ghost Ring sight manufacturers.

Good Luck,

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