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I am virtually new to serious turkey hunting. I used factory full choke last year. A friend of mine had the Gobblin' Thunder and and had a lot better group than my factory choke.(ALOT BETTER) What is the best shot size for shooting turkeys and what diameter tube works best with specific shot size?

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(3/31/03 9:16:20 pm)
Reply Re: Gobblin' Thunder-Which choke tube diameter and/or PRO &a
An Extra full choke or Super full chokes are good. Also #4's are good for the shot size. Mossberg12

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(4/1/03 10:31:05 pm)
Re: Gobblin' Thunder-Which choke tube diameter and/or PRO &a
Actually #4's arent always the best choice. Pellet count to pattern density generally shows better patterns with smaller diameter pellets especially with aftermarket extended tubes.

The compnchoke site has some suggestions using Winchester loads and the compnchoke tubes.


I think Nitro does a more extensive job, if you scroll down a bit there is a section with choke recommendations and their loads.

These are still just bases to start from, you will need to check your gun with loads and chokes to get the best pattern.
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