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I saw a Gold Fusion Higrade -20 gauge for sale NIB over on .The price is $ 1195.00 + $ 30.00 shipping.
This is a nice looking gun & I'm wondering if anyone owns /has owned one & your likes/dislikes .
I'm going to use it for upland bird hunting-maybe a round or 2 of sporting clays once in a while .
I 'm thinking of the 26" tube.
I have a couple of 12 gauge guns for waterfowl -although I haven't hunted ducks/geese in 20 years . I just don't want to carry around a model 12/1100 or a BPS all day & they all have 30" tubes & fixed chokes.This gun come with 5 chokes & a hard case.
Please pass any info along to me.
Thank you all in advance for your time & help. Merry Christmas to all & a healthy New Year.
SOUP :p :p :p
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Mine is not a Fusion, but I do have and shoot a Gold Classic High Grade in 20ga. It was only available for a couple of years.
My High Grade came with three choke tubes, no hard case, and it's the semi-humpback receiver. Doves on one side and quail on the other of the receiver. Nice gun for sure and no problems.

I ordered it with a 28" barrel; wish I'd have gotten the 26". Not a big deal.

A couple of my buddies chide me for dove hunting with a fancy gun. But I only buy guns to shoot and I take care of them.
I almost bought the last one that guy had up on Gunbroker. I managed to talk myself out of it, but that is a great price. I THINK you can get the $100 rebate from Browning as well. I doubt that you will ever find a better deal on a gun like this, at least a new one.
Isn't the Fusion high grade one of the guns only made fore the European market? If it's not, I'd snatch one up right away if I had the dough.
Nope, they've been available in North America for a few years now. Thats a great price for that gun. From what I've seen with Browning shotgun prices lately, when they drop that low it is likely because it will be a discontinued model. So if you want it, don't wait too long.
It is only one guy that has his price so low. I don't understand why, but I would make sure that the gun is legit before firing it. He does seem to be an up-and-up seller.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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