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Gold Hunter Turkey Stalker Shooting shells

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I have a Gold Hunter Turkey Stalker, I try to shoot the lower loads like super speeds, but it won't eject them. My brother has the same gun except it's just a Gold Hunter with wood stock and forearm with a 26" barrel, and he could shoot those same loads 3 times in a row without jamming. I'm just wondering if the Turkey Stalker is made where it doesn't shoot those lower loads. Any suggestions?
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I have a 20 ***** Gold Hunter that doesn't like lite loads either. It will shoot 7/8oz loads all day as long as they are around 1200fps any of the low recoil loads and it'll jam up. In the manual for both hunters and stockers it says to use at least 1oz loads, meaning use a pretty hot load.
The shorter barrel has a different gas orafice then the longer barrel version, you can have the orafice alter to accomendate the lighter shells but will increase the abuse when useing full blown turkey shells .
If you must know the remington has the same problem when it comes to the shorter barrel version.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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