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I don't know why it's taken me this long to find this forum
(Shoulda been here five years ago) but I'm glad to be here now.

I just aquired my second Beretta. First was a 686 Onyx sporting I got for $800 about 6 years ago. Me and that piece were a bird killing machine. I had to let that one go due to no employment/needed money.

Been missin' that shotgun. Fit me really well. Learned me some Bob Brister.

The AL390 D.U. I just got is a nice piece as well. I bought it to use. It is not as "gaudey" as I thought it would be but, I'm concerned about the gold on the receiver. I have some rifles that I have either varnished or applied "Linspeed" to(wood AND metal) in an effort to preserve the fine finish.

So far so good on those items.

My question to yall is: Can I do something similar to this new to me Beretta to preserve its finish, particularly the gold....inlay is not quite correct; it's more of a leaf type thing....?

Any and all recommendations/suggestions welcome...

Thanks in advance,

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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