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Hi everyone... I'm pretty new to these forums and I posted a similar post in the general forums but this seems to be a better place for my question... I am looking to get a shotgun for home defense and to just fix up.. I'm pretty much set on the Remington 870. I got a few quotes from some local gun stores and the lowest one was $299 for the 870 express magnum 12 ga, 18 inch, 8 mag extension, in all black.. Out the door would be around $350. I have no idea what I should be paying for this gun so is this good or bad? If this is too much what should I be paying for this gun and can some of you guys point out places where i can geta good deal in LA area (Burbank to be exact)... thanks

I purchased the same shotgun, Remington 870 Express 12g 18" barrel with full length factory mag extension, black synthetic furniture, model #5077 through from Wilson and Associates for $270 + $20 shipping + $10 FFL fee + $5 call in charge = $305 delivered.

I see now that TMC is selling the same thing for $249 or $229
don't know what the difference is , but their shipping is only $15.
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