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I've been itching for a semi-auto for years and on Wednesday I got a beautiful Belgian 1964 Standard weight A-5 12 gauge off a very nice man for $150.00.

I'm no expert and I'll look at some guide info later for positive I.D., but I'd say it was at least NRA Good, or close to VERY GOOD.

"VERY GOOD: In perfect working condition, no appreciable wear on working surfaces, no corrosion or pitting, only minor surface dents or scratches."

This one works great. Some stock dings and scratches and bluing wear on the barrel from honest use but the bluing is still strong on the receiver.

It has been opened up to modified. Factory 28-inch barrel.

Thanks to A5mag12 and nastymcnarf for dating it for me.

We agreed to meet in the field for me to try the gun out first and I agreed to buy it without even trying it out, but we took it out anyway and handed it back and forth and shot a couple geese with it right away, and I got 7 yesterday and 6 more today with it. I have never shot more than a few shots with a semi before, and in the last three days I've shot a hundred rounds at least.

I think I'm in love.

My 870 is now reserved for anywhere near salt water and the A5 for fields and fresh water hunting.

Is that a varnish or oil finish on a 1964 Belgian?

I washed the potato field muck out of the checkering with soap and water today and oiled the outside metal with Sheath, but will it be beneficial to apply some tung oil to the wood or not?

Seller showed me how to take the barrel off today. Should I oil the spring assembly or not?

Is there any benefit in pulling the friction piece off?

It cycles great with regular 2 3/4 inch steel hunting loads so I don't want to change anything.

If it ain't broke don't .....

I asked him why he was selling it for $150.

"That's what I paid for it," he said.

Now how often do you meet a generous, unselfish, unopportunistic guy like that?

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What a blessing!!! :)W

I'm in need of some acreage for a new chapel and gymnasium. Do you think you could send some of that good fortune my way so I could buy some land for what the owner originally paid for it?

Congrats on a great deal on an even greater firearm.

- PJ

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English Jay said:
Don't shoot steel through a Belgian A5 unless you've got a Japanese invector choked barrel on it.
You might get away with doing it but BAD things will probably happen.

I agree with that. I have been shooting steel #3's and #4's out of my 1966 Belgium Mag 12 since 1987. Modified choke. 300 to 400 rounds per year. BAD things did happen. To about 150 Ducks each season.

Here are the ones from Saturday.

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