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Great Ending for my 1st year

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This year was my rookie year. I was introduced to the sport of trap by my neighbor last spring. The conversation went something like: "hey, what are you doing on tuesday night? We need someone with a pulse to fill in on our squad." Since that first time last April, I've been hooked. This is the sport I've been looking for. I must give a lot of credit to this website, I've been reading people's opinions and advice given to other shooters, and , I've learned a heck of alot. Many of my dumb questions have been answered, thoughtfully, and I've improved because of it. Anyway, today on my last day of shooting for the fall league, I popped a 24 then 25 and I had to be told I got the 25. I really didn't realize it at the time. So here's to you Shotgunworld, thanks for the help!
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Why stop for the winter? Most clubs plow the snow off the fields and shoot right through the bitter cold. It can be a great way to pass the time through the otherwise boring months.
Both Thanks, and your welcome. All who post here have good intentions. Many of us love to help troubled shooters, and enjoy seeing them improve. Younger and impressionable shooters seem to need and appreciate the help the most. The older the shooter and the more bad habits the less appreciated.

Its easy to participate in this type of forum, and I feel the info and advise flow more freely. It seems much harder to offer opinion in person, unless the advise is ask/payed for personally. Most reviews are regarded as an intrusion if offered unsolicited.

This type of venue is the first place to go for opinion and experiences worthy of consideration. The last place to go is to a payed clincian. This not only expensive, but for the shooter/student to gain the most from this training, they should have developed their own form and shooting procedure. Probably the best thing that has happened is the ATA and the NRA have joined in an effort to train certified coaches for local help with basics and form development.

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Yard.....first congrats on finding a sport/hobby you really enjoy.
Some people have no hobby or search a lifetime without finding one they truely enjoy or can put the time into.
Also sounds like your 1st yr was a great one. Good friends , good scores. Good luck in the coming years and remember that your experiences may contribute to the next new guy looking for a little help........Enjoy!
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