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Greetings.. aka Hello.. 1st Post Too!!!

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Hello All... I decided to post cause west central covers Cali- Nevada and Utah.. I have lived in all 3 states so I figured I qualified to get things started.. come one all you shooters say hello
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I moved out to California a few years ago myself, and want to get into the socal hunting scene, I did a little as a kid on the east coast, and always enjoyed it. I've familiarized myself with the local fishing pretty well, now for the local hunting! :D

Socal Shooter here. I found this website that may help you get some good hunting ideas
I to am cursed with being a socal hunter. here's where I go for my fix the "Four Winds Pheasant Club" this is really a great place to hunt train your dog etc.
Welcome guest "Pigeonhunter", I hope you join this site and stay a while! :D :lol:
clayshooter25/25 said:
Welcome guest "Pigeonhunter", I hope you join this site and stay a while! :D :lol:
This seems like a nice place. Maybe I'll browse it now and then :D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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