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Hi ya'll,
I have an old High-Standard 12ga SuperMatic that is showing rust spots. I tried the cold blue from Hopes on a different gun but the finish looked like crap when I was done. So on this gun I decided to get a pro job done. Not considering cost, what seems to be best. I'm looking at re-blueing, Camo finish and teflon. I heard great things about the teflon, and the bluing is nothing special. Anyone got any experience with the camo jobs. Right now at Mountain a camo job (all steel and wood) is only slightly more than the bluing. Any suggestions?

Oh and I don't want to do a bake it in the oven deal. For the effort in those I would rather pay someone.

How about some of the other mods? Anyone had a forcing cone lengthened? Or the barrel frozen?

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(11/7/02 9:54:34 am)
with the hopes kit, apart from the good and unidirectional polishing with 00 steel wool before you paint it you need to polish it A LOT with steel wool after you are finished. Try this on you other gun and it might improve its looks.

Generally if its a gun you will use quite often the the pros will do a better/more lasting job.
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David A
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(11/7/02 3:42:24 pm)
Why would you want to go to all that trouble. If it still works good I would leve it just like it is. It is realy a buyers market right now. Go to some place like Dicks Sporting Goods and see how little it would cost you to get in to a new gun and you can get it just like you want.

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(11/8/02 1:48:39 am)
I just get a fresh can of camo paint and refinish the guns I use a lot every year prior to the season opening.
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(11/11/02 11:58:44 am)
Re: Gun Finish
Re finishing the gun is a matter of pride. I know I can stick $300 in it or buy a new one for $250, the point is making this gun last forever. I don't think treating an old gun with respect is "trouble". I personally look at any gun as a great gun, give it some attention and some care, and you will have a great tool to keep forever. I have looked into all the refinishing options I have and with the 6 to 10 week turn around at the local shops right now I may take over my wife's oven for a day.

What do others think? Is a gun worth more than the sticker you can put on it, or am I just a fool that looks at guns funny?

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(11/11/02 9:02:48 pm)
hey, if the shotgun makes you happy, you like it alot, who should care what you want to do to it. love shouldn't have to come with a price tag of value. Women would be out of business in a heart beat on value added. In fact I knew this guy who finished his Rem 870 reciever in color case harderning, look kinda cool. Shells
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