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I think that oil soaked stocks were a problem of a time when the average gun owner just doused his shotgun with real, pure petroleum based oil, and used excessive amounts of it. I don't think that any modern brand of CLP, such as Break Free or WD 40, is going to be used in such amounts, and it will evaporate and leave a film before it soaks very deep in the wood. In any event, I seldom see an oil soaked stock on a gun that was made in the last thirty years.

I've always stored my guns butt down. It's no doubt a better idea to store them muzzle down, but I don't like the looks of all my pet toys upside down. I like them in nice long, neat rows in the vault. So far, none have suffered oil soaked stocks. I use about every brand of "gun spray" on the market that is handy, except for Outers Gun Oil, and I go easy with it, wipe off the excess, and none of my guns have oil soaked stocks. At least not yet. :wink:

Recoil pads dry out and get hard, most of them, after about twenty to thirty years, no matter how you store them. When they get hard, it's time for another one.
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