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gun oiling

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My Wingmaster action was getting a little stiff after quite a few rounds of trap and sporting clays, so I broke it down and discovered that it was really quite dry. I sprayed inside the receiver with a spray lube (outer's) including the breach bolt assembly and lubed the action bars on the forend. I then wiped off the excess lube and re-assembled. The action is silky smooth now and will open after only pressing the action release and motioning the gun downward.

My question is for regular maintenance, is this too much lubrication and what parts only need lube? Just the action bars?
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I use two products. Breakfree CLP (do a search on CLP or Breakfree on this site to get a ton of info) and the inhibitor on all of my guns. I pretty much put a light coat on everything that is not wood every time I clean my gun (everytime I shoot more than a box of shells). I always make sure to remove any excess and I clean my trigger group out every 500 rounds or so.
I also send my most used guns to a gunsmith once a year to strip and clean and replace any worn parts, cost's about $50 bucks with parts usually.
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