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gun oiling

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My Wingmaster action was getting a little stiff after quite a few rounds of trap and sporting clays, so I broke it down and discovered that it was really quite dry. I sprayed inside the receiver with a spray lube (outer's) including the breach bolt assembly and lubed the action bars on the forend. I then wiped off the excess lube and re-assembled. The action is silky smooth now and will open after only pressing the action release and motioning the gun downward.

My question is for regular maintenance, is this too much lubrication and what parts only need lube? Just the action bars?
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Thanks jlptexashunter. Basically the same thing I'm doing except using a different product. I'll give it a try. Remington also make an "action cleaner" which may or may not be the same thing.
There are so many schools of thought on gun cleaning. Some clean after any time the gun has been used, some after several boxes. I think as long as the gun isn't being over-lubricated and being cleaned carefully, I'd rather err on the cleaning and lubing side.
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