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gun oiling

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My Wingmaster action was getting a little stiff after quite a few rounds of trap and sporting clays, so I broke it down and discovered that it was really quite dry. I sprayed inside the receiver with a spray lube (outer's) including the breach bolt assembly and lubed the action bars on the forend. I then wiped off the excess lube and re-assembled. The action is silky smooth now and will open after only pressing the action release and motioning the gun downward.

My question is for regular maintenance, is this too much lubrication and what parts only need lube? Just the action bars?
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Most "action cleaners" are degreasers. The theory is that you spray it on and all the bad stuff (caked-on carbon, unburned powder, congealed oil, etc) is supposed to magically disappear. I've never been able to figure out just where the bad stuff goes to when it disappears, or if it just runs to some corner and hides. :? As you can probably tell, I'm not a big fan of the action cleaners that are supposed to make the bad stuff disappear. Now if you disassemble the gun into small enough parts that you can thoroughly soak the parts with a good degreaser and then flush out the bad stuff and wash it away, then that's a different matter.

Anyway, what I started to say is that after using the action cleaners, be sure to lubricate the parts because the action cleaner removes any lubricant that was on them.
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