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Gun Values and Info

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I have a few guns of interest, but cant find value or info. 1] Damascus twist, 20ga. double. I think from Europe. It has a swivel on the barrels for a sling. The only name isJ. Rossler Karlsruhe.It is in gold on the rib. The barrel release has two levers and inlaid with gold, as is the trigger guard. The locks are also ingraved and inlaid with gold No dates on the gun, but I think around 150 years. 2] C.S. Shattuck,20ga. bouble Pat. Jan.5, 1887. Nothing fancy. 3] Browning 12ga. made in Belgium. Gold trigger. Very good condition. I hope you can help, and let me know if they could be collectors items. Thanks for youe time, Boomer
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(1) I haven't found anything yet...

(2) look down a bit for a thread on Shattuck, they seem to go for under $300 or so

(3) need a better description.
Try to take the guns apart and post all markings and words you find on them.
Your #1 is definitely European. Karlsruhe is a city in Germany. J. Rossler is probably the maker, but may have just been the retailer. I suppose it's a remote possiblity that he was the original owner and had his name added to a custom gun. If it uses a normal shell, it is certainly no more than 150 years old.
Thanks for your help. Its nice to know there are outfits out ther that can and are willing to help. Thanks again. Boomer
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