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budrichard said:
deadapair said:
Dick, why won't you send money for a gun to a non-FFL?
Individuals have different moralities and many individuals can justify thier actions in terms of thier life experience. I am not going to send large amounts of money to an individual that I don't know or have references for.

My reasons are as I stated. If one doesn't understand or agree, that's certainly acceptable. What is not acceptable is to label me with adjectives such as falacious. One can present different viewpoints but not label(attack) others on forums and thats what was done. EOT-Dick
Easy there, Dick. Sometimes a question is just a question.

I was curious because I have bought expensive (> $1500) guns on line and everything went just fine. But I have been really selective of who I bought from, and since the highpower target rifle community is small, it is easier to find out about your seller.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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