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Gunsmithing courses

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Does anyone know of any reputable gunsmithing courses a person could take online.If so do you have to have a FFL to do so.Looking for something to do on the side that interests me.

Thanks in advance.
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Well it doesn't have to be online.Any suggestions?
The problem is that none of them are any good. You might learn some "armorer" (ie: parts changing) skills, but there's no good programs online to teach you how to be a gunsmith. The best way is to apprentice with a master, or take it at a college... there are a few good ones: ... 3A26DA0%7D
Thanks,I guess I used wrong term.Armorer skills would be more in line with what I am interested in.Mainly for small stuff for me and friends.
drsfmd is right about online course, Their is some information on gunsmith apprenticeships at under apprenticeships also ... 4f870be457
There are also some good courses offered through the NRA and the gunsmith schools.
I am taking the DLI Modern Gun School through mail correspondence. I just started it (actually on the first lesson) and it seems to be pretty good so far. There is a basic and an advanced class. The basic is around $999 and is 31 lessons and the advanced is $1399 and is 59 lessons. Seems like it covers all of the basics; from fixing guns to business plans. The lessons will be sent out to me over the next 3 years unless I call for them earlier. You may want to check it out.

Signed up for the AGI's master course a few years back. I'm about half way through it. Been working at my own pace. I've learned tons from it. Good part is if I get stumped on something, I can always go back and pop in the DVD.
Thanks for the replies.I will check into all of them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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