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Harrington & Richardson
model 1212
Q I have a harrington&richardson shotgun model 1212 2 3/4 over&under.How much
is this gun is worth?
A Between $350 and $150 depending on the condition of the gun.

Topper 58
QI have a H&R MODLE 58 TOPPER ,.410 bore.I think I am ready to part with it,but don't know what it is worth.The one thing that sets this gun appart(maybe makes it rare,maybe not)is that it has a chrome or nickle platted barrel,and realy light wood,I have refinished the stocks with light oak stain and linspeed is almost identical in color to the original finish.I have seen plenty of 58's,but none with a silver barrel and light wood(all had blued metal and dark walnut finish)It has a 3in.chamber, shell ejector and serial #AR261xxx,U.S. PATTEN # 3988848. The gun is in brand new shape other than the refinished stock,still has original blueing on the hammer and the brake open action is as tight as a new gun.fore end dose have one deep mark on it.
- 12, 16, 20 ga., or .410 bore, single shot, top or side lever break open action, 10 different variations of this shotgun, all are very similar and values run too close to differentiate,[/b with ejector. Mfg. 1946-disc.
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$145 $125 $100 $85 $70 $55 $45

Add 15% for Topper Deluxe (Model 488, chrome finish).
This model was also designated the Model 48, Model 158 (not in 28 ga.), Model 162 Buck gun with open sights, and Model 198 (28 ga. or .410 bore only).

Hopkins & Allen
Q I found an old shotgun that was his. It is a 16 ***** Hopkins & Allen single gauge with the serial number of 0005. It has been sawed off. Can you give me an idea of when it was made and any value of it
A are there any other markings on the gun? H&A made several different single shots. A little company history might help you out though, according to the Blue Book of Gun Values H&A was in operation from 1902(?) to 1914 (?) I put the question marks in because there have been confliction reports although the start up date doesn't vary much so I would date it close to 1902 .
The value of the gun would depend greatly on how long that sawed off barrel is.

Hopkins and Allen

Q A friend of my fathers has an old Hopkins and Allen single barrel shotgun. Bluing is about 20% on the barrel and the receiver looks like it is casehardened. It has a number on the triggerguard/receiver area of S75XX and the same is on the barrel assembly.
Anyone know how old this is and what would be the value?

A .......H&A made 5 different single shot shotguns. The Boxlock models usually are valued around $100 and the Falling Block models (hammer on outside) are valued around $150.

Hopkins and Allen
if it's marked "HOPKINS & ALLEN MANUFG. CO. NORWICH CONN" it's prior to 1896 if it's " Hopkins & Allen Arms company" it's 1902 -1914
Hopkins & Allen Falling Block
Q I have a Hopkins & Allen falling block, take down, single shot, 12ga. My grandfather bought it used in the late 30's for my father.I used it as a kid in the early 60's. I would like to get as much info. on it and Hopkins & Allen as I can as well as value. On another web site someone is selling one thats almost the same and they are asking $795. I believe it is over priced.This is a picture of thiers. <>
They are almost the same except mine has the take down pin on the right side and has a thumb tang instead of a knob. Condition is good.Most bluing is worn off. Bore has some ware:
Made By The Hopkins & Allen Manfg. Co. Norwich, Conn. U.S.A.
Pat'd June.23.1885
Patent Applied For.
S/N7265 (#'s match )
A H&A produced a "falling block" shotgun in most gauges circa 1887 - early 1900s. Falling Blocks (FBs) in 12 ga. were built on heavy frames with the 20 and 16 gauges sharing a medium frame. Prior to 1902, some FBs were chambered for .45-70 shotshells and, today, these are rare if in good condition. From the 1890s through 1914, 38XL, 44XL shotshell guns were periodically offered in the Junior frame. After 1902, "tip-over" single shotguns were offered in Forehand designs and, later, the Davenport designs.
- lever operated, outside hammer.
Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60%
$275 $235 $210 $180 $160 $145 $125

info on H&A
Previous manufacturer located in Norwich, CT. H&A started their firearms business in 1867, manufacturing percussion revolvers. Before 1870, they were producing rimfire cartridge guns and eventually centerfire handguns and long guns. Prior to 1896, H&A guns were marked "HOPKINS & ALLEN MANUFG. CO. NORWICH CONN." or other private tradenames, including Merwin, Hulbert & Company. Hopkins & Allen guns are about equally priced with Stevens, N.R. Davis, Crescent Firearms Co., etc. There are many exceptions due to the numerous limited production guns, examples are the AA GRADE double shotgun and the "PARROT BEAK" Derringer. Hopkins & Allen also manufactured firearms which were not described in their catalogs.
Compiled from Hopkins & Allen catalogs by Charles E. Carder.

Hi Standard
10a/b? bullpup 12
Q am really sad I sold this gun and I am thinking of going back to the buyer and try to get it back. I sold it for $475 and was wondering where I could find a value at for it? I believe this gun is on the rare side, so Im intersted in getting it back. It was a very very cool shotgun. It was the model with the built it/molded in flashlight.
- 12 ga. combat shotgun, 18 in. barrel, semi-auto, unique design incorporates raked pistol grip in front of receiver and metal shoulder pad attached directly to rear of receiver, black cycolac plastic shroud and pistol grip, folding carrying handle, provisions made for attaching a Kel-lite flashlight to receiver top, extended blade front sight, very compact size (28 in. overall). Disc.
100% 98% 95% 90%
$650 $575 $500 $425
Model 130 VR-F 410 gauage
Q I need to know what company made this gun and if there is a parts list and break down picture of this gun availavable any where.
A Hiawatha (Gamble Skogmo) Model 130 is actually a Savage Model 30.
Model 1300-567-VR is actually a Savage Model 67-VR.

Q i was wondering if you could help me out in identifying an old 12 gauge
shotgun my dad gave me. i find the initials "H.S.S. & Coi was wondering if you could help me out in identifying an old 12 gauge
shotgun my dad gave me. i find the initials "H.S.S. & Co." on the left side
of the gun with a logo of a rooster or chicken inside of a circle with the
letters "ruso", also the word chicago also listed on the same side. i have
also found three separate places that the serial number is listed which is:
196835. my dad doesn't know who the manufacturer was but states that the
gun is older than he is (74). i took the gun to a gun dealer yesterday and
he also was stumped. sure would appreciate your input.

A It is probably an H.S.B & co shotgun...
Here read
a little more info

Hunter Arms

The Fulton
Q Just received an older double - "The Fulton" by Hunter Arms, NY. SxS 30" barrels - excellent shape -
Any info on this particular model would be appreciated!

A It's basically a boxlock version of the LC Smith sidelock. Probably made in early 1900s (not sure if there is an 1800s hammer/damascus model).

Imperial Arms Co
Q Model 13, 16ga single shot, said to be 1930's vintage

A Rick, Ron Gable had this info on the company... The Imperial Arms Company in Philadelphia Pa. imported shotguns from Georges LaLoux, a Belgium gun maker c. 1920 to 1940.
Nothing on the specific model yet

Q i have a question about a shotgun. It is labeled "The International" and I believe it was made by the Belgian company S.J.D. & Co. The right side of the plate reads "Patd. June 20 1883" The gun itself is an old side-by-side with Damascus barrels. That is about all I know...It belonged to my great-great grandpa, so I really don't care about the price. I was just wondering if anyone knew anything about the gun, or where I could find good information such as dates of production, and how many of them were made.
A the name "The International" is it was a trade name used by E.C.Meacham on shotguns. S.J.D. & Co., 'The International' was made by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin. Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin were Belgium gun makers from 1884 to 1905.
This has come up before and from what we have been able to tell the actual name of the gun is The Interchangeable That is always on one side and on the other is Rodgers Machine Gun,Keystone, and Pritzlaff Quality to name the one's I've come across. I've also come across two possible manufacturers The interchangable Model of 1901 was made by Simonis, Janssen & Dumoulin who were Belgium gun makers from 1884 to 1905. Values are noyt high, $100 to $300. (the favorite) And Neumann Freres who was located in Liege Belgium circa 1863 - 1924

Iver Johnson
Q I have an Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works 20 Ga. Champion shotgun with plain
forestock & butstock, in good condition.
Serial # 75896C. Any idea what it's worth?
A[/] I show that the Champion is worth....100%= $145 90%= $60
"10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 ga., or .410 bore, also available in .44, .45, 12mm, or 14mm rifle cal., single barrel shotgun or rifle, 26-32 in. full barrel, exposed hammer, auto ejector, plain pistol grip stock. Mfg. 1909-1956

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