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H&R or Mossberg Slug?

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I plan on getting a dedicated slug gun for deer hunting, my 2 choices so far ar H&R's Ultra slugger and the Mossberg slug rifle 695? Any pros or cons on either? Thanks
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Me, I'd go for the H&R. And not because of cost. Those guns are the next best things to a benchrest shotgun! Very, very accurate. And having only one shot is no handicap in my book. Plus it's very handy to carry. Get one in a 20ga and you'll never be sorry.

I personally have no idea on which one to buy but JLPTexashunter will. Come on JLP, chime in anytime.
I love my H&R Ultra, it's a natural born killer. Very accurate.

Like I said before though, if I were in the market again for a slug gun I'd buy the Savage Slug Warrior. I shot one of these babies and it was incredible, felt like shooting a rifle. Something about a big bang on big game and jacking the handle of a bolt action, just works for me.

Funny Story and another reason I like the bolt action. Last year when I put the crosshairs on a little buck, reached up onto my H&R to pull the hammer back and hit the break action release instead, out shot my slug over my head and up popped the deers head as I sat there and laughed my *** off.

I have shot a friends 12 ga. H&R a few times and it shoot very well. I like the idea of being able to load a second round and I just plain like bolt guns. I bought a Mossberg 695 fully rifled 12 ga. and am very pleased with it's accuracy and function. Both guns are fine shooter as I have also heard the Savage does well too. I do not think you can go wrong with any of the three.
I have the Ultra Slug gun from H&R and while it is very accurate, it is also very heavy. No problem if you sit in a ground blind like I do, but it's a like carrying a bag of concrete all day if you are walking and stalking. I'd recommend the Mossberg if you are going to move about during the day.
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