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Hammer Gun's

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I have two hammer gun's. 1. This is a No 2344 H. Pieper Paten 23 April 1881. This is a Double Barrel Hammer fire shotgun. 12 GA. It has a side break point leaver. I'm trying to get as much Info on this as I can. 2. This is a G. Heminway london Laminated Steel. 12 GA. Double Barrel Hammmer Fire shotgun.
Any info will help.
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Pieper patent: Belgian, inexpensive (depends on condition), little collectors value. The 1881 is possibly the model patent date, rather than the manufacture date
393 PIEPER of Leige Ref:16942
Belgian 12 bore side by side hammergun. 30" barrels, bores pitted. Lefty hammer and spindle repaired, needs a tidy.
Normal License Required $NZ195


Heminway.. Not much yet...

I cant find any more for the time.
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Recently, I was given a 10 ga. (or bore) shotgun marked, "G. Heminway London Fine Laminated Steel Trap Gun." I, too, would like to know how much this would fetch on the auction block.
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