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I have the following handguns for sale. They are all in like new condition, but have been fired. I do not know what they are worth in todays market. Could some one please suggest general prices.
Browning Belgium St'd; Blue; .25 ACP
Browning Belgium St'd; Blue; .380 ACP
Hi-Standard Derringer; Blue; .22LR
Smith & Wesson; 34 Kit Gun; Blue; .22 LR



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hi std derringer = $288 (this is not a recreation by the revived HS company following those reproductions or knockoffs by Iver Johnson.)

browning belgium .25 = $158 (but that applied to the standard aka "Baby" and also for one mfg, not made in belgium, but rather USA. Finally it reflects the going price 24 years ago!) As a comparison, a berretta .25 preWWII and maybe called the model 318 at 24 yrs ago would have been, say, $105.

browning auto that is .32 and the 1910 model would be $200, but if
browning auto that is .32 and is the longer barrelled Model 1922 the value would be $190.

S&W kit gun 34-1 is worth $400.

These are ball park figures for shooters except for the last.
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