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JJ.....since singles and doubles league are shot on the 16 yard line, and no handicap yardage is following to level the playing field. You will need to cap the scores, team or individual. Most clubs will add 80% of the lost targets to the actual score. By the team makes it easier with accounting and allows for realistic averaging. By individual basis, a new shooter improving more than 20% every league night allows for scores above perfect. Not all bad, but accomplished shooters will begrudge getting beat based on handicaping. Clubs will do anything to avoid unhappy shooters, especially their most avid shooters. The more targets the shooter pays for at a club the higher the priority. Simple business economics.

I have never offered or participated in a doubles league in any club that I have helped with or managed. Better ideas may be available by other posters.

Scratch scoring allows for a stacked team to win every time. Although a very experienced team is usually the winner no matter what the rules are. Only drawing for teams and mixing AA, A, B, C, D shooters to make up a team would allow for a level playing field shooting scratch. Thereto, classifying will be the challenge. Shooters like to pick their own teams, and friends to compete with anyway. League is fun shooting and less competitive. Although, bet all your money there will be a few very competitive personalities shooting in any event no matter designed intent.

This will be an interesting any ideas, boy's?

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