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Has anyone seen someone shot with 00 buck close range?

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i have never seen this I imagine it to be pretty gruesome but i was curious to what effect is it over kill
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perhaps varmint hunting small game like coyotes are raccons will give you a good idea and it won't be illegal.

I saw the tookie williams police murder photos on the net last month and it looks like he used birdshot at point blank. it's meaty at close range I'm sure.
Like any traumatic injury it can be quite gruesome or surprisingly "clean". I've seen the whole spectrum and there are no hard and fast rules other than I don't want that to happen to me.
I just searched google for shotgun wound pictures. There's a picture of a man with a hole in his side, and it looks like it was #4 shot or so. It was a pretty clean entry wound, so I'd imagine 00 would be similar but with better internal wound ballistics.

It has a good pictoral with X-rays and such, if you have the stomach for it. You will have to turn the google safe search off.
Check out your local library for books on firearm forensics.
I have seen/inflicted such injuries while in Iraq. Point blank range with 00 buck to the thigh will take the leg off. Sorry, I didnt take pics.
I've been fortunate enough to not have seen a person shot in their center mass with this type of load in person. I've seen plenty of gunshot wounds that would amaze you, but not any shotgun wounds unless you count a suicide shot to the head. However, if you have the time you can go to http://WWW.EHOWA.COM and search their web site to find the pics you are looking for. The guy who runs the site is a Marine Sniper who has been to both Iraq and Afganistan and has some really interesting pictures there.
i've heard of people in the west loading up greeners and blasting people at point blank and close range. I guess the results are pretty nasty seeing as how the buck shot nearly cuts the body in half.
as a volunteer emt and firefighter had seen several close range shotgun blasts and it won't a pretty picture. not allowed to take pictures due to federal patient privacy laws but will say not something i wanna be shot with. no clue as to what loads were used.
Unfortunately, I've seen an extremity shot with 00 at point blank range. My older brother and I were hunting about 2 miles deep in the Big Thicket north of Cleveland, TX, back in the 1970s. I was a teenager, and my brother had been married about a year. While I was carrying an old Winchester breech-loading single shot 12ga, my brother had a brand new Remington 1100.

We had been out since before dawn, and around 10 am it started getting hot, so we were harching back out to the truck. At one point, we stopped to shed outer layers. My brother sat down on a big fallen tree, his 1100 across his lap - then the rotten side of the log collapsed, and he went over backwards, feet straight up in the air, which would have been funny as hell except for an ear-ringing report from his shotgun.

He gathered himself up, kind of chuckling in embarrassment, took a step and went down immediately. My stomach sank when I spied a perfect black hole the size of a nickel in the arch of his boot - and those were steel reinforced work boots, with steel toes and arches.

Apparently, he didn't realize anything was wrong, except that he couldn't stand up. I said, "James, it's your foot." He looked at me, made a puzzled face, and brought his boot up to examine it - whereupon we both almost fainted in shock. The entire sole of the boot was gone, and the upper part of the boot was empty. Or mostly empty. A stump of dark bluish, exploded meat was in there, and blood was squirting.

Next thing I knew, my brother was standing, and then he was running, crashing through the underbrush, blazing a shorter path to the truck. I was running behind him, picking up stuff as he dropped it. With half his foot blown off, he ran over a mile in crazy shock through dense forest. When I finally caught up to him at the truck, he was unconscious in the front seat, pale as a ghost with blue lips. He was bleeding out.

Well, long story a little bit shorter, I tied off his leg and rushed him in to the hospital in Cleveland, TX, where they stabilized him and shipped him on to the Texas Medical Center in Houston. In a series of operations, they ended up amputating even more of his foot because of gunpowder embedded in the tissues.

Took about a year for him to recover and re-learn how to walk. Then we went huntin' again.
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