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Heading further south

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I got an invite to the LA teal opener for Sat, so I am leaving very shortly to meet up with some folks in Montgomery...eating dinner in Nawleans this evening. I keep hearing that the shoots are usually over in the first 30-45 minutes, which compared to the hunts around the TN river, I could stand a day or two of that! Then Sat afternoon, going to brave the elements to chase reds and specks.Yall have fun!Rick There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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I'm green with envy...I've yet to go Teal hunting ever, and I miss fishing the gulf.--Wing
Good luck Rick!Should be a blast...wish I was going with you, too.Take is easy on them Hurricanes. Oh, and did you ever see the movie 'Southern Comfort'? Give you something to think about while your out their with the swamppers.Jay G.
Well, the Sat morn was not all that great for numbers, but it was still a great day to watch a sunrise and to hunt ducks. I did get to see 'gators in the decoys, nutria, mottles ducks, and gallinules. The marsh grass area that covers most of the lower part of LA is much different than swamp stuff I'm used to around AL or AR. If you dont have a mud motor you might as well not bother. Managed to get a teal and so did the other fella in the blind with me. One of the other blinds shot 12. We picked up and headed in for eats and to change for the casting part of the trip. This was a good chance to see that when something breaks in LA, it pretty much is left where it breaks till the next hurricane comes and cleans house....doesnt matter if it is a dock, a shack, or a boat...there they rot. And crabs are pretty plentiful as about every 20ft or so in the bayou there is a float marking a trap.Two boats went out and we were searching for specks and reds. I caught the only red on our boat, a 28" 8# and we brought in 20 or so seatrout in the 12"+ size....the other boat brought in 2 reds, 4.5-5#'s and about 40 12" seatrout. Pretty simple fishing, pitching live shrimp along the grass lines with a popping/casting float and within 20 or so yards of the grass till someone gets bit, then everyone cycles through the school. We fed a racoon at the last spot, he scarfed up several shrimp and vienna sausages. Sunday morn back to another spot, we had teal in the decoys 10 min before shooting time. Had a floating robo duck and the birds lit between it and the blind, maybe 6feet away. Then it was an hour before any others were even seen. A pair comes in, and me and another fella dump one each, a single was next and the same guy takes it, a nice group of 7 run through and 6 stay in the dekes. A couple of other small groups and singles come through and I finish out with my 4 teal. I was trying the new high velocity Federal #4 steel at 1450fps, I was shooting skeet choke and had no cripples out of 6-7 total shots and 5 birds bagged. Looking forward to giving it a go with #2's on big ducks a little later on.I was surprised that the skeeters were not as bas as I expected, we sprayed up same as at home and didnt really have too many to worry with.On the way back through Mobile, the rain was so bad you could not see the USS Alabama which sits about 200 yds off the road...we would drive through bands of the rain and then clear skies. But, made it back safe and sound. There is a fine line between a hobby and insanity.
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