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Hi all to Shotgunworld members. My name is David, living in Istanbul. I am amateur Olimpic Skeet Shooter and Slug Range Shooter.

I am left hand shooter, 40 years old. I meet with Shotguns just two years ago , Untill 38 years old i was right hand user for everything. But cause of dominant eye , i start to learn how to shoot with left hand.
My professional is defense industry. So I know mostly shotgun or gun producer in Turkey from market.

I have in this moment two shotguns.

One is my Skeet Shooting Shotgun, Made by Grand Huglu In Konya City. %100 Hand made, 12 cal 73 cm Barrel + 3 cm Muller Chokes. Totally 76 cm . First Class Turkish Walnut (100 year old Root) , detachable triger system. 3750 gr weight. Oil Finish Surface

Second one is , for home defense Simple , trustable and cheap.

Hatsan Marine Escort Pump Action Shotgun

7+1 capacity, 12 cal , Silk Chrome Finish 2.9 kg , double safety system. Slug 51 cm barrel.

I whish , i had chance to excahnge good information with Shotgun fans.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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