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Help for a new tactical shotgunner...

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Wise and Sagely Veteran Shotgunners,

I picked up a Smith and Wesson Eastfield 916 at a gun show. It needs a little TLC, but, for 100 dollars, it was a good buy.

I am going to refinish and reblue it myself. But, I have run into a few problems.

First, how do I get the buttstock off of the gun?

Secondly, I tried to remove the buttstock by removing the screw above the trigger. When I did this, I think I knocked something loose because now the action won't cycle properly and the bolt seems to be "loose." If I move the slide, it gets jammeed all the way back or all the way forward. Also, the button above the trigger to release the slide is jammed upward. Pulling the trigger does not dryfire the gun either; it juts feels springy. What do you all think I should try to fix things?

Third, how do I remove the trigger assembly? I tried removing the pin (and the screw) above the trigger assembly. I can get the screw out, but the pin will not budge.

Fourth, the screw above the trigger has stripped threads, as does its hole. Can I simply retap the hole and get another screw?

For reference, this is the police version of the 916. It has the large magazine and rifle sights.

Any help you all can cast my way would be greatly appreciated.


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BUMP! To put this back at the top of the forum.
I think it would be best to take your shotgun to a gunsmith.

Good luck
Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me if you just take the gun to a gunsmith and let them fix it for you. There's probably a peice or two floating around in your reciever that was once attached to that screw you took out. :\
BTW- most likely you can take the buttstock off by removing the recoil pad, and then removing the screw or bolt up inside the stock.
Good luck!
A "good buy", you need to reblue it, refinish it and now it doesn't work?

Rather than take it to a gunsmith, I would suggest you toss it into the garbage, chaulk it up to experience and start over.

MANY times, you get approximately what you pay for.

Sorry for the sacasium.
I finally completely disassembled the gun and reblued it.

When I unscrewed that screw and pivoted the trigger assembly down, a piece that joins the slide to the bolt "jumped the track" and bound both the slide and the bolt. I finally knocked that pesky pin out, dropped the trigger assembly and the bolt out, cleaned the guts thoroughly, and reblued everything. I reassembled the now-pretty-gun and Voila! It works like a charm.

I will refinish the stocks this weekend.

I figure I did pretty well for my first blueing job. It's just as smooth in appearance and action as my 1300, but it's a little "barrell heavy."

I will also shoot it this weekend.

Thank you all for the advice.

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