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Since it appears I am the only one on this board that owns a Franchi 612VS semi-auto you might want to check these out. It has a simple gas operated piston that is located in the forearm with the recoil spring. You can switch the gas piston from light loads to heavy loads. It comes with 4 shims to adjust drop and cast. It is simple to take down and clean...unscrew the forearm cap and the gun completely disassembles...remove two pins and you can take the trigger assembly out. The gun has cycled everything I have thrown at it...from 1oz light reloads to the 3" magnum Turkey and buckshot without a single hiccup. I have patterned the gun and it is dead on the money. Beretta, Benelli and Franchi all use the same choke and are interchangeable. I purchased mine for $549 which is the synthetic stock...I have seen the camo version for less than $600 and I have seen the model 912 which is the 3-1/2" brother for a little over $600. I know time will tell whether this will be a great gun or far I am impressed with the simple design, balance and feel of the gun. This is an Italian Company, some people see the word Franchi and associate it with France.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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