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Help Indentifying Victor Sidelock

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I have recently purchased a VS Sidelock and I love it. This gun feels and fits better than any gun I have ever owned including my BSS Sidelock. My problem is that I am having trouble identifying it. I have seen 12E's and this gun does not look the same. I have saw one gun that looks exactly like it on Ivory Beads it was a 20ga. I was running late so I went back to the sight the next day and it was gone. I think Ivory Beads called it a VS Holland but I am not sure. That gun was also about 3 times what I paid for mine so it may not be the same. I have not had any other luck. Anything you guys could tell me would be great. This is driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.


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I'm sorry I don't have more specific information for you.

I know it's a sin to covet, but I'm coveting that 16ga gem.
That gun is stunning.

You should call Ivory beads and ask about the 20ga.
They should help you out.

It looks very similar to an Arrieta 570 sidelock which is essentially a copy of a Holland & Holland. The 'Holland' name would make sense.
It has what I beleive is called Belgian scroll engraving.
I just posted these photos in the 'Sexiest shotgun' thread:
Arrieta-the copies

The Holland & Holland original
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Thanks Roger. I will try and call Ivory Beads on Monday and find out. It does look a lot like both of those guns you posted. Thanks again.


Did you also notice that the side lock lever/screw was on the right vice the normal placement of the left?

Is that something I should be concerned with? Should I change it back to the right or have a gunsmith do it? Thank you for your time.

I wouldn't worry or screw with it too much. It is just different. Normally the right sideplate is threaded and it attaches from the left to right. It might be that both locks are threaded and you can just switch side with it. Unscrew it and see if it is. It might just be that easy!
I actually like it on that side. Probably because I'm a lefty.

Damn, I was hoping it bothered you and you would give it to me in disgust! :lol: :lol:

Like I said, I wouldn't screw with it.

A very nice looking gun indeed.
:D Hey Scott, just was curious, did you get that gun from Thad Scott? The reason why I ask is he had one with the lever on the right side also. I was concerned about that also, then I thought what the hell, but by the time I got a hold of him it was sold. If you did I'm happy for you, it was a very good price.

All the best and congrats on the gun!!!

Take care.

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