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Help me decide?? Benelli or Beretta

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This is my first post :shock: I have been lurking around here for a week or so so I thought I pose my question. I had to sell my first shotgun years ago when I was in college to help pay for an academy. It was a Winchester 1500 semi auto. I started hunting upland a few years back (barrowed a friends 870).

I would like a real nice wood stock fancy 12ga semi auto shotgun for upland hunting maily pheasant and quail and with the option of waterfoul hunting (dont really like duck, but going with friends is better than a day at work :lol: ) The two guns I am looking at is the Benelli Legacy or the Beretta AL391 Teknys.

From what I have read the Benelli is easier to clean and harder on recoil. The Beretta harder to clean lighter on recoil. The Benelli from what friends have said is supposed to shoot faster but at the cost of more kick.

I'm not recoil shy from a shotgun. I have never had a problem with shooting 12 Remington 870's for hours using 2 3/4 high base max loads in double 00 or slugs. I cant picture the full size Benelli with hunting loads kicking any more ???

Also, I know both are very good put what is more reliable system recoil or gas???

Finally, when I was into bird hunting years ago I always wanted a Browning A-5 when did Browning stop production???

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Welcome to SGW. Both are very good and will work well for upland. Neither design is any more reliable than the other. Both models will go a long time between cleanings if needed with the Legacy being a little better. Cycle rate is as fast as you would ever need on both models.
Both are pretty light in weight and have a similar balance with more weight towards the stock. They are both very thin thru the forearms. The Legacy holds five rounds while the AL48 holds four and neither can take an extention.
You already mentioned the biggest difference with cleaning time. I doubt you will have any issues with recoil with either model as you are used to a pump. Shims are supplied with each gun to adjust fit which has the biggest effect on felt recoil.

Hold both as much as possible and pick the one you would feel the most comfortable with upland hunting.

The Auto-5 was ran to 1999 I belive. It was a special run called the "Final Tribute".
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