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Help! My dog ignores his shock collar.

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I thought the collar was malfunctioning because my dog (bullheaded 5yr. old male brittany) simply ignores it, even at its highest setting. I had a buddy zap me as I held the collar though, and it worked out to a few hundred yards just fine. Somehow then, my dog is ignoring it, even though at full setting it really zaps! What do I do now?
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First, make sure you have the collar tight enough to so that the contact points are touching your dogs skin and not just riding on fur. Then, try the collar settings begining with the lowest setting until you can see the dog getting "bothered". Use that or the next lowest setting if that seems to be getting your dogs attention. You can then increase the setting as needed, but make sure the collar is making proper contact so the dog can feel it.
Good luck,
I agree; its not correctly attached to the dog. My trainer also uses the collar around the dogs 'waist' for whoa training. Doesn't take much of a shock on the old happy to slow a fellow down...
I'm sure that if you wrapped it around his nuts it would work, J/K
Put the shocker on his nut sack and he'll get the point
So, sprinkling a dog with shot is cruel but electrical shock to his genitalia is training??
You are correct sir.
If the dog is ignoring the command and your welding his arse shut with the collar around his neck then it needs to go somewhere with a little more sensitivity.

I thought the sprinkling technique was ineffective and you could put your dogs eye out.

I don't use collars on my two dogs but if I thought they would help me get my point across I would not hesitate to use it on either of them, even around their goneys.
Put the long contact points in (if it's a tri-tronics). Make sure the contact points are touching his skin. And also try wetting his neck. If it's still not working try putting the collar around his belly but at the lowest level when doing this.
Or he just may be stubborn :D

jlp, you may say that but you love your dogs too much to do it :wink:
You're probably right. I've never spanked my kids either. But like nuclear weaponry it's a deterrent threat, I have the "will" and capability.
lol :D
JLP , so, your opinions of sprinkling and the E-collar on the nuts are not based on actual experience? ... OK...
Lets start at the start, have you collar conditioned the dog in a training situation rather than just while hunting?

The other sugestions about checking the contact points and making sure that the the collar is nice and snug are also good places to work from.

The next step may be to get with a local trainer and see if he has some close work techniques to fix the problems you are encountering.
I would never sprinkle my dog, because it's ineffective (i've seen people do it) and it's dangerous. Have you?

As for the nut trick, I've watched dog trainers do it here in Texas quite a few times. With the dogs I've trained I've never had the pleasure of a bull headed dog, I've been pretty lucky. But like I stated before, I would not have a problem doing it if his/her stubborness warranted it.

Why would I have to have done it to have an opinion on it. I've never been on city council but I have an opinion as to where they should spend infrastructure money and I've never spanked my kids but if they needed it I would not have a problem whooping their aces.

As I recall Mark was looking for ideas as to how he could get his dog to obey. I know that when these guys at the dog training range have the collars around the dogs waist and the points on their willy's those dogs whoa the first time the command is offered.
If the nut trick works so well then why are they collars and not waist bands?

Collars only work when on the dog. Or when they think they are on by taping a D battery to their normal collar . A dog that responds only when the collar is on is not trained.

Have I done the sprinkle? Yes, as a last resort. Did it work? Absolutely.
Shooting a dog is just wrong, its prone to failure on many levels.

I have done the collar around the groin and it works very well. As far as 'its a collar and not a waistband' thats just plain flawed logic.

The dog does respond when the collar is on or off and it is trained. That might be a misunderstanding from someone who has never actually used an eCollar on a dog.

FYI: Have you ever heard the rule: 'Dont ever issue a command to the dog that you cant enforce'? With the eCollar you can enforce at up to a mile away.
I'm with live2 on "sprinkling" your dog it's just wrong. But I think it's downright irresponsible. You could easily blind your dog or possibly kill him if you "sprinkle" him with the wrong load. I use the e-collar on my dog but I test the collar on myself at the same level that I do it on my dog before each trip. I will not put my dog through any correction technique that I have not done on myself. Marland I'm sure your dog was in a dire situation and thats why you stung him. I also think putting the collar around his joblys is also pretty mean. Around the belly is fine but not on his clackers. But I have to admit a collar around my coconuts would make me behave! :shock:

Happy hunting.
Yes Pigeonhunter he was in dire straights.

It was after much sould searching and the insistance of a 75 year old man who has trained more dogs than I have had years.

After the shot he suddenly knew his name, hunted closer, was steady to wing and shot, didn't flush the birds.

He was running sometimes 3/4 of a mile ahead, bumping , running over birds, basically he was hunting for himself. This was a 4 year old pretty well trained dog. Now he is back to total obedience.

Did I do it out of hand and taking chances? No.It took a half an hour after I decided that it was necessary before the safest possible opportunity arose, and it was over 3 hours before I reached the decision.

As most have pointed out this is the most dangerous technique to use , that is why you have to be absolutely calm when doing it and be prepared for any consequence. Will I do it again? I hope I don't have to ever, because even though it was successful, I still felt like ****.
Thanks for all the posts everybody. I hadn't considered putting it around his belly before, or his coconuts. I'm all for testing it on myself first, but for some reason I shy away from that last one.:shock: :D

As for sprinkling my dog, I admit, yes, I've done it once. Fortunately (or unfortunately), he was too far away and didn't even notice. Most of the time he hunts pretty close, but sometimes he just he just gets it in his head that he wants to hunt for himself. That's when the collar not working gets really frustrating. If I could have afforded to, I would have sent him to a pro, but from my memories of the military, he deserves better (that one's for you JLP).
First let me address the sprinkling technique. It's a great technique if you want to make your dog impossibly gun shy. Think about it, dog hears a gun shot and all of a sudden he's bit in the arse? No faster way to ruin a fine hunting dog, for more on this subject buy one of Richard Wolters books. Also you take a real chance of seriously injuring your best friend, we are talking about a deadly weapon being used on an animal who is supposed to be your best friend. Not only could you blind the dog with a stray bb but you could kill him either by peppering to close or by an infection caused by a bb breaking the skin. Bullet wounds are nasty dirty things (and yes this is a bullet wound) which become easily infected. Not to mention in most jurisdictions this would be illegal and considered cruelty to an animal.

As for the collar around the waist, I can see where it would be effective if used properly on a low setting (of course this could be considered sprinkling also at least on the dogs part so make sure you have a waterproof collar :shock: ). I wouldn't recommend it unless you've tried every power setting around the neck. IMHO As for why they don't make them as waist bands? It's pretty simple ease and convenience, not to mention keeping PETA off of the manufacturers arse. I can just see the PETA morons running around naked with shock collars strapped to their genitals while locked in a cage on the steps of the White House. :(
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Personally that's how I want to see the Peta freaks! :D

Try shaving the dogs hair where the collar makes contact. An electric razor works well for this. It really sounds like the contacts are not contacting.
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