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Help Please: Beretta 686 and Kick Eez Pad

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I have a new Beretta 686E Sporting. I am attempting to increase the length of pull (LOP).

I carried the gun to my local gunsmith today to get a KickEez pad (of the appropriate thickness) installed and was informed that Beretta has altered the stock in such a way that this is not possible.

Furthermore, I was told that Beretta makes some sort of kit with spacers that will allow me to increase the LOP (using their GelPad). However, I have been unable to find such a kit despite a search of the Beretta catalog and their Website.

Does anyone know whether I have been given the correct information about the KickEez pad? What are my options for increasing the LOP at this point? Any and all suggestions and insight will be appreciated. Thanks.
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buy yourself a limbsaver slipon boot,it will increase your lop about 1/2 inch.If that isn't enough,then you can cut cardboard spacers from the mt shell boxes to bring it out even further,plus it will reduce recoil quite a bunch. sj 8)
You need to check with another 'smith. A friend took a 391 Extrema which had the GelTek pad on it and was able to get spacers put on.

Did he tell you what, excatly, they had done to prevent mods?
It just sounds like that smith did not wish to go thru with installing the pad, but yes there is no problem to installing that pad. There is just more work involved.
Try another smith or send it to me if you can not find a reliable source good luck.

You are right on target about finding another gunsmith. This guy just didn't want to take the time to do the job. He is either lazy or misinformed (or both), but either way I will not be going back to him for advice or work. If the guy didn't want to do the work, he should have just said so instead of giving us some BS about an "adapter kit with spacers" from Beretta.

Beretta responded to my E-mail about this question, and they assured me that there should be no problem in mounting that recoil pad to their 686 stock (just as Ron said).

Beretta does not even make an "adapter kit" that allows one to mount other recoil pads. However, they are coming out with a one-half inch spacer that is supposed to be available in 2004 (they did not say exactly when in 2004).

Hope this information helps someone else. Thanks to all who responded!
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