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Help taking out the tube shell blocker

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My Supernova came with a stop in the tube that prevents more than 3 shells being loaded at a time. I don't hunt, but believe NJ hunting regs limit shot #s to 3 shells.

But, for home use, I'd like to take it out. 1) Any ideas how to get it out safely? and 2) Anyone know if this is legal in NJ to do for home use?

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Hi there. From your post, I am assuming that you didn't get a manual with the gun? If not, it is well worth visiting the Benelli website, looking up the SuperNova and downloading a .pdf copy.

I cannot answer the second part of your question as I'm not in the US.

For the first part, you might also consider purchasing the Benelli magazine extension kit, which adds two shells.

For the purpose of this explanation, I am assuming that your SN comes with the standard mag. tube and not the extension kit.

1) Safety ON. Check that chamber and mag. tube are empty.
2) Unscrew mag. tube cap by turning it anti-clockwise and remove.
3) Depress action release lever, open action slightly and 'wiggle' barrel off.
4) Use a screwdriver or similar implement and insert into centre opening of spring retainer and hold down end of spring.
5) Use needle nose pliers or similar to grasp and compress the metal retainer ring plate and carefully slide out of mag. tube. CAUTION. The spring is under significant force, so be careful in releasing the spring pressure.
6) Remove retainer ring plate, spring and magazine limiter.
7) Replace the spring, ensuring that the red magazine follower has not been disturbed and that the closed end of the follower is pointed towards the receiver. When you re-insert the mag. spring into the tube the end of the spring should fit inside the open end of the follower.
8 Place the retainer ring plate over the other end of the spring, inserting the spring into the 'cup' end. Re-introduce the screwdriver into the end of the retainer plate and guide/compress the spring into the tube, over the screwdriver shaft.
9) Compress the retainer plate and squeeze it into position in the magazine tube and remove the screwdriver. Upon removing the screwdriver, you may need to use the screwdriver handle to tap the retainer plate home.
10) Check that the retainer plate is level in the tube and that the follower is also level and not kinked over.
11) Open action slightly and put barrel back on, ensuring that it pushes home against the receiver.
12) Screw on magazine cap and hand tighten.
13) Close action and ensure barrel is fully locked in place.

That's it!

Note. You may wish to go somewhere that it is safe to load the gun, fill the magazine with the cartridges that you intend to use and cycle through to ensure satisfactory function.

Kind regards

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Hi Andy,

Thank you very much for taking the time for that detailed post. I appreciate it. Actually, I can't find the manual, but I did receive it. I didn't even think about a pdf.

Thanks again!
Hey, no problem.

Frankly, I found the manual more hinderance than help and simply muddled through on my own the first time. I think that it is one area where Benelli could improve.

Merry Christmas!

great writeup! I was able to complete this procedure in less than 10 mins thanks for your writeup!


Ordering a mag extension asap!
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