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i have an old beretta S/S shotgun and i have no idea of what the model is

its a 12 ***** doubble trigger boxlock ejector 29 1/2 inch barrels, i guess the choke is 1/2 and 3/4

on the top of the barrels it has the wording "alloy chromium compressed steel special type titania"

serial no is 581**
where it has the word "choke" stamped on the underside of the barrel it also has "1952" stamped is this the manufacture date?

the action is chrome silver coloured with a black triger guard and the wording "monoblock construction" on the bottom plate
on the top side the opening lever is black with a silver pigeon on it (or similar bird but it is rather hard to see)

i have had the gun for about 15 - 20 years and it was passed on to me by an elderly gentelman who had it some time

it would be great if any of you guys can tell me what the gun is


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