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Help wanted from packrats or oldtymers

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I shot registered skeet in the late 50's to the late 60's then quit for various reasons. I registered again this past week. :) :) I was told that I could have my old number but their records did not go that far back. :cry: :cry: I am hoping that some packrat would have the NSSA annuals during that time which would possibly have my number listed. I think the annuals listed the names and averages of all members but I am not sure if the member number was included. I shot in Kansas in 58 and 59, California in 59, Oklahoma in 60 thru 65, Hawaii in 66 and Okinawa in 67 and 68. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. :?: :?:

David C. Hinton
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:?: Oklahoma...Hawaii...Okinawa... Sounds like the route an old cannon-cocker might take. ?USMC?
///olde :?: 8) :?: pharte///
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