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Help with Cynergy Issue - Breech locking up

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When I shoot 3" shells out of my Cynergy (12 ga field, 26"), the breech locks up and is hard to get open. One time it locked up really good and i couldn't get it open for about 10 minutes until I tried bouncing the butt of the gun off the ground, then it opened.

However, every time I shoot 3" shells, the lever seems to be very tight and doesn't want to release the breech.

Also, the thing is very stiff to open in general. Any fixes for these issues. I was going to send it back to browning, but I thought I'd try here first in case I am missing something.

thanks in advance....
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Most new O/U's will be a little stiff. Be sure to properly lubricate the joints to avoid galling.

I've tried a Cynergy and liked it a lot. Not sure why your gun is "locking up" - do you think the firing pins are sticking in the primers?
Read this thread and open the links inside it. Also, if you leave the chambers wet with solvent it might allow the shells to creep back and wedge the action. That is a straw grasp of an idea, by the way! ... ht+cynergy
I stopped in to my local Gander yesterday. They had a used Cynergy field on the shelf. I picked it up and thought of your post. This one the release lever had some drag almost binding to it. Even with it all the way over the action would not release all to easily. I had to force it open like a crapola el cheapo. It hung up like a stuck door. I wasn't impressed. It is horrid they put something like that on the shelf without their "gunsmith" :roll: taking the time to make it right. Inspected my a$$. I'd try that adjustment yourself or send it somewhere. Granted when they are new they are tighter, but anyone with any sense should be able to tell the drag of being tight not broke in vrs binding out of proper adjustment. A Cynergy when it is fitting like it should is like a swiss watch.
Are you shooting reloads? Do you resize your brass?

Reason I ask Is I had one jam in my gun, it was an unsized shell from ebay that had jammed in the chamber after firing. The guy I purchased it from had removed all the primers, but I guess he didn't resize. It was hell getting that gun open. I guess the shell backs out just enough to press itself against the breech.

Never had any problems since...I resize all my shells now.
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