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I just bought a Lanber model 85 O/U from CDNN, this is my first O/U gun, it has vey good rating so I was very excited.

However, when I tried to pattern this gun, for some reason the top barrel shoots lower than the bottom barrel.

At 40 yard, The bottom barrel shoots perfect but the top barrel is lower (as much as 5 inches!) , does that mean this gun is defective? I am so confused. Does anyone has some expert opinions on this? Thank you so much. :cry:

While Lanber shotguns are generally well constructed, it's not unusual for lower end doubles to have patterns regulated to slightly different points. This regulation is, in fact, one of the things that make fine custom doubles so expensive, as they are calibrated to hit the same point at a distance of the buyers specification. As Lanber 85s have fixed Mod/Full chokes and not replaceable choke tubes (and also very low prices), your options are somewhat limited. You can experiment with ammunition choices, shoot it like it is and be aware of your hit points, or return it to the distributor for rework, although I think you'll not get much satisfaction from the last option. Honestly though, 5 inches variation at 40 yards is a pattern center that's probably very small for most shooters, serious trap guys excepted. I'd give it a few rounds on the Sporting Clays course before you make any decisions about how to proceed. My two cents, take it for what it's worth to you.
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