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Hevi-Shot won't cycle. Need advise!

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I have a few boxes of Hevi-Shot in 20 ga that my son is using for goose hunting. It is performing great on the birds, as long as he drops the bird in one shot. The problem arises when a follow up shot is required. The 2nd/3rd shot is not fully chambering, and he must reach up and force the bolt closed. Upon examination, the crimp end of the shells (5 boxes) all seem to be bulged slightly from the crimp. What can I do to resolve this issue? Exchange for some other shells (if they're not the same way)? Or, is there a way to "resize" the shells I have? My father in law has a 20 ga reloader.

Thanks in advance,

- PJ
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Maybe all you need to do is put them in the last station on a reloader which actually tapers the end of the shell or shapes the end if you will. I would try that because I do not believe that you will be able to take them back for an exchange. Just a thought.
I have to ask. You're not shooting 3" shells in a 2 3/4" chambered gun are you?
No, the chamber is 3". I'm pretty sure I will not be able to exchange the shells. The 5 boxes I have are different lot numbers, with 3 boxes purchased this year, and 2 boxes purchased last year. I'll take them to my father in law's and see if we can't resize them.

Thanks for the replies.

- PJ
You may just need to clean the chamber up a bit. Especially if the gun has been shot much with 2 3/4" shells.
Amag12 has a very good idea--take off the barrel and look at the area just behind the forcing cone.

If it is not clean, either put some steel wool on your bronze brush or a chamber cleaning wire brush and clean out the crud.

You may also look at the recess in the reciever near the extractor notch and at where the locking lug engages the breech/barrel extension. All of these can accumulate dirt/oil and keep the bolt from fully going into battery.

I am also certain that Hevi-shot customer service would make the situation right if the crimps are out of spec. You might call them and ask or e-mail from thier site. They have been very responsive to my questions.
What brand of shotgun is it? It may need a good cleaning and it may need new action and recoil springs.
Thanks for the replies y'all. I've inspected the gun, and the chamber is clean as a whistle. The gun is a Charles Daly 20 ga autoloader, and has seen about 2500 rounds through it in the last year. I clean it after each day on the range or in the field, and used a bore scrubber on it before shooting the 3" shells. The first shell inserted into the chamber has to be "pushed" into the chamber from the very beginning. It's not an ejection issue - it's a loading issue. The empties come out fine. I may call customer service and see what they have to say before trying to resize them. They load into my son's Franchi over/under without much trouble, but they don't just drop in as they should. He just doesn't want to shoot the "good gun" (as he calls it) in the mud and gunk of the goose blinds.
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And it only happens with the Hevi Shot loads? Guess I would try to re-size them in the crimp station..just short of actually crimping the end.
Yep, thusfar only with Hevi-Shot #2's. I'll get up with my father in law and try to resize them in the next few days.
has seen about 2500 rounds through it in the last year
Hi Pastor Jimmy,

Two questions:

1. Do other vendors 3" mag 20 gauge shells chamber w/o any problem?

2. This looks like a gas-operated shotgun. Does it have an operating spring in a housing that goes from from the back of the bolt through the stock?

If this were one of my gas guns and at 2500 rounds or more--I'd be looking at the action spring and the housing in the stock. It could be dirty or it could be time to replace the spring. This spring has two functions--buffer the bolt as it unlocks and ejects and it is responsible for pushing the bolt back in to battery.

If, say a Remington Hevi-shot or HD or Kent Tungsten Matrix 3" shell goes into battery w/o issue then it could be a dimensional difference between the Hevi Shot case head and the guns chamber.

Also if the spring is a bit weak (or the tube dirty or both) it may not have the nessessary force to complete the chambering of a shell which may be in spec and on the large side in a gun with an also in spec and on the small side chamber.

I know that a 1/4 to 1/2 inch spring compression on an Winchester X2 or a Remington 1100 can cause a similar problem where the longer, heavier shell will not go completely in to battery.

It looks like a nice shot gun and the manufacturer's contact information is below. I notice the the CD website has Lifetime Service and Repair so you may not need to order from Turkey. For me I like having a spare operating spring on hand.

Best of luck,


Factory Address : AKKAR SILAH SANAYI ve TIC. LTD. STI.
Merkez Mah. Gul Sok. 34956
Tel : +90 216 - 394 43 64 ( Pbx )
Fax : +90 216 - 394 43 73
E - mails

Company : [email protected]
Export : [email protected]
İmport : [email protected]
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