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dugout said:
oneounceload said:
focus on the BIRD, not the sight/rib/barrel - your scores will thank you for it
I think that has been said at least twice... :roll: Even with an intense target focus it's misleading to infer one can lose awareness of where the barrels are and be consistent. Gun fit to where one looks is where one points, and shoots, sounds romantic and all great but it's ignores reality. That might be the way the someones conscious mind sees it but it's not the way the subconscious mind works. Lose reference to the barrels and the shot is gone. Maintain this reference with peripheral vision while, and again, maintaining an intense target focus.
My coach had me shoot a round of skeet, from all over the field - not on stations, with a cardboard cutout over the barrels so it was impossible to see the last 1/3 of the barrels. After missing the 1st two, he told me to settle down and just shoot it as I normally would - I only missed 2 of the next 23. The point he was making was if I had proper form and mount, I didn't need to "see" the barrels at all. To me, he proved his point.
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