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High 2

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What is your hold point for high 2? I am holding parallel to the house at the bottom on the trap and looking 2 inches above the barrel with soft focus. I am very inconsistent at this station. :(
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You have to get Todd Bender's "Insight Into Championship Skeet" video. He covers every shot at every station.

I have been having great success hitting High 2 consistantly. Here is what I do:

Foot Position - Bellybutton facing the Low House window.

Hold Point - 1/3 of the way from the High House to the Center Stake level with the bottom of the High House window.

Eye Position - Looking just off to the left of the barrels using my peripheral vision to pick up the target coming out of the window.

I use a sustained lead.

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My hold point puts my gun parallel to the high house from where I am standing on station 2.

May I suggest you go back to basics. Shoot a box of shells at high 2. Focus on the basics of stance, gun mount, and hold point. Take your time doing it and try a few different hold points and foot positions to find where you consistently break the target. Also, make sure you are not rolling your shoulder down as you swing. I've shot a bunch of skeet but when I do hit a snag I go back to the basics to figure out and correct my problem.

Just my two cents worth.

Ridge Runner said:
My hold point puts my gun parallel to the high house from where I am standing on station 2.

If you use the "swing through" or "pull away" methods of lead, that hold point may work great. But the most common lead method used by the top Skeet shooters is "sustained lead". Using that lead method, the target will probably out run the gun if the hold point used is the one you suggest.

I haven't shot a lot of Skeet yet, but I do know that I would have a hard time seeing the target if I used a hold point so close to the high house. And I have 20/12 vision, excellent recognition, and quick reflexes. I would be chasing the target with my barrel instead of establishing a sustained lead.

Your hold point may work great for you, but I don't know that I would recommend it as a good starting point for everyone.

I really don't know anything about the correct technique, but I like my feet to be about 45 degrees right or clockwise of where I intend to break the target. Then I rotate my body left, counterclockwise untill I can just get a good visual of the door of the traphouse and hold my gun on a line that would be just below parallel to the bottom of the door of the house. Seems to me all the Skeet I've shot the rocks are falling rather than rising so I want to be under the rock with my setup so the rock will fall into my swing rather than fall below it. Might not be correct, but I rarely miss a rock on 2. Now, 3, 4, and 5, that's a different story!

Thanks for the replies. I have been shooting skeet for only 5 months and have taken lessons from David Dobson who is a level 2 instructor. My belly always points to the low house except on 7 and high 8. I use the pull-away method on all stations except on 1, 7, 8, 2 high, and 6 low. On 2 high and low 6 I swing through and shot right at the target. I like the suggestion to shoot a box of shell on problem stations and make adjustments until I am consistently breaking the target.

Joe Skeeter,

From reading your posts, my guess is that you are shooting over the targets. You've probably got your head too high and not firmly on the stock. If you are doing the other things as you describe (and they sound correct to me), then it's likely you are shooting just over the target. Try doing the same technique but shoot about 10" under the target. If that doesn't fix the problem, then you are probably shooting in front of the target due to your fast swing-through. Make adjustments accordingly.

Thanks, I'll try your suggestion. I usually don't have an issue with raising my head. Just the contrary, I have a perpetual bruise on my cheek. My gun has been fitted for me by a professional with a 15.25 LOP and I hit the target hard most of the time.


Here is another suggestion. Move your hold point a little further away from the high house. High 2 doesn't take much lead and if you are swinging hard from your starting point, you may be shooting in front of it. Hold a little further out from the house. This will seem to give you more time and more control for a short, controlled swing. I find that efficiency of movement on shallow quartering targets like High 2 is better than a long, rushed swing.
I usually hold about halfway in between the house and center stake, and my break point is no later than the center stake. High two used to own my a$$ until I figured out I was riding it out too far. I shot 4 rounds this afternoon and didn't miss a single high 2 or 3.
Belly button in the low house window, gun hold 1/3 to the center stake and bottom of the window, eyes 4"left of barrel. This bird ALWAYS beats me, I'm slow, so I shoot right at it..actually a pass through shot....I never get a good clear focus on this target, I shoot the blur. Shoot it quick, break it 10' before the stake...for me it's a very short swing.

Most misses for me were over the top or in front....float the bird, forget about lead, see it shoot it and do it quick.

you said you keep your head down and got the bruise to prove it....check your gun fit, it shouldn't hurt you to shoot...if it does, it's real easy to lift your head and your brain will lie to you and tell you it didn't...if it hurts pretty soon your brain will "fix" the lifting or fliching.
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