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High Grade Stevens Repeating Shotguns

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I am looking to buy early High Grade Stevens pump shotguns in the 522, 525, 530, and 535 models if anyone is looking to part with one.

Thanks, Will
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Not willing to part with any but I’ll share pictures. Also, have found 522, 525 and 535 but have never seen a 530 pump. It is the rarest of these shotguns in my opinion.
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Where do you guys find these guns?
I know Researcher has posted catalog pages so I knew these likely existed, but I have never seen one, even on Gunbroker.
And I have been looking for years.

I research and collect these guns. I started a 520 ID guide here years ago but they moved it to the Archive folder and I could no longer edit it and all the picture links got broken. So I recreated it over on GVB:

I found both of these shotguns on Gun Broker. The 522 about 6 years ago and the 535 about 2 years ago. I’ve also picked up another 522 in average condition there. I’ve passed on several 525s that were in well worn condition. Sometimes people post them specifically under the model numbers and not under 520s which doesn’t allow a wide viewing.
Thanks Wally.

Just thought I'd fish here for a while.

Most of these guns were well used and finding any kind of condition is taxing, but I'll keep on looking.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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