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I'm in need of rear sight for a Stevens 5100 double. Now the schematic I looked at on does not show a rear sight on the 12 ga. 5100, but the schematic for the Fox B does show a rear sight. And so does the schematic for the Fox B-C, BDE, BSE-C... ad nauseam. But the there are 3 different rear sight part numbers in the Fox B thru BSE-D spectrum. I'm sure one of the rear sights fits the 5100 barrel I have. If I knew the history of the Fox B series manufacture I could make an educated guess as to which of the 3 sights to order. I do know the 5100's were made between 1940-49. I believe the one I have was made in 1943 because it has the letter C stamped in a circle on the bottom of the barrel along with a couple other letters. Any info. would be greatly appreciated.

Also, the bottom of the receiver has a small circle stamped into it. I've seen another 12 ga. 5100 with a diamond stamp and a 20 ga. 5100 with spade symbol stamp. Any info. on what these symbols mean would also be appreciated.

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