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I don't have any input for storage but I do have some advice for you guys with kids.

Age 2 and 3 is still too young but as my kids got older I was sure to let the kids see and touch the guns when ever they were curious. I felt that it was a chance to educate them and remove the mystery for them.

Exposure has taught them to understand and respect firearms.

I felt it was my best chance of saving their lives should they find themselves at a friends house with a kid that sneaks out their parents gun.

I have two nephews that aren't even allowed toy guns and god forbid they ever go to a friends house where there are guns left unattended. Those are always the kids that get into accidents.

I certainly don't mean to suggest this as an alternative to locking them up. I just thought I'd share my experience and offer some good advice.

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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