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Greetings friends,
Tuesday next we can honestly have hope and change here in the "Beautiful Land of Entrapment" Of all the many problems we face here, they can all be put on the good road if one issue is delt with. corruption. Corruption, nepotism and cronyism has been the rule here for to long. This year we have in the persons of Susana Martinez, Matt Chandler and Steve Pearce a triple threat to "Cowboy Bill's" bunch of incompetents, crooks and thugs. All three of the above mentioned happen to be Republicans. I am an independent and figure both parties to be at fault, but all of those mentioned have stated without reservation that corruption is the big problem and they all claim to want to fight it. If they don't I'll br first in line to give em the gate next time.
Just in the education department, incompetence and corruption are reported as being "pandemic" in nature. Teachers from other states refer to NM education as "third world" in quality. Yes, it is almost that good! Things here can change if we vote out the crooked. Quality of Govt. starts at the top, as does crooked Govt. "Sh## flows down hill " ya know. However, nothing will cange if we don't act. So get out and vote on NOv. 2!
Or, wake up on the third askin' yourself the second New Mexico question. The first of course id "Red or Green?"
The second is, "Wha Happen?"
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