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Hopkins and Allen Q's

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I recently recieved a hopkins and allen 16ga double in on a trade. Everything on the outside is ok. It had some flash rust but nothing major.

My question is. Is this gun chambered for 2 3/4? I have heard that some older guns have to short of a chamber. The barrels are pitted on the inside but nothing too deep.

My only problem is that the first time I shot it it shot great now it takes to shots on the right barrel to get it to fire. It doesn't fire the first time but if you break it down it will shoot the second time.

How can I fix this. Is it ok to shoot due to chamber length. I couldn't sell it locally so I'm going to fix, and possibly hunt it.

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this gun i a piece of ****. i wouldnt give you two U.S. dollars for this rust pile. if you want to sell this rust pile that will not shoot for one dollar and fifty cents email me. you should be ashame of puting rust on the net.
It'a a fairly common gun but, don't listen to the fool before me. He probably shot his toe off with one of these and blames the manufacturer instead of his own stupidity. It's worth about $65-95.
To scott2077, I can tell your brain size by the way you write.
Drew- Don't let the chamber length bother you. It's been proven too many times that 2 3/4" shells in a 2 9/16" chamber don't cause problems. Because of it's age, shoot low pressure shells, available commercially or easily loaded. You'll be happier and your stock will last longer.

As far as the firing problem, take the barrels and stock off. I'll bet you find a ton of crud in the action. Clean that out and you may fix your problem.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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