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Hot loads, Have you seen these things!!

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Check these out


1. Can you buy these with out a permit?

2. What are these things going to do to a gun when you shoot it?

3. Has anyone here tried them.

I personally wouldn't fire most of these shells. Just wondering if anyone had tried them and what kind of results turned out

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I do not see much of a reason for these charges, unless you are law enforcement. The tracer types may be good for training, so you can see where your shot ends up, but other then that... :shock:

My God, some of those products are unbelievable, and bordering on hilarious!!!

My favorite:

12 GA. "Flame Thrower"

The 12 Ga. "Flame Thrower" round as pictured produces an enormous wall of fire for 250+ feet. The incendiary metal compound contained inside burns when fired at over 4000 degrees Fahrenheit, showering your target in a momentary wall of flame. WARNING! Extreme fire hazard. Do not shoot in any dry grass foliage, trees, or near flammable materials. Don't shoot indoors. Use extreme caution. 2-3/4" round.
I've seen these things alot at gun shows recently. You didn't need a permit to buy some there, so I guess you don't need one. I bought some of the less-lethal rubber buckshot rounds for my HD gun at the last show I went to, and they seem well put together. I don't know what the other ones would do to your gun though. :shock: I almost bought mortar ones too (didn't see them on the website). They work off just the primer, which lights a fuse and shoots it like 200ft, and then it blows up :twisted: cool.
Most of those rounds sound like a sure fire way to lose your house to a criminal (and go to jail). Just imagine the lawsuit Joe Criminal's family files against you. Your honor he wasn't just trying to defend himself, he was out to blow a 2 foot hole through my son. :evil:
that's right.....I would try to blow a two foot hole through anyone endangering my family, BUT I wouldn't use these types of rounds to do it....this type of crap feeds the liberals in my opinion.

By the same token, I wouldnt shoot them with a less than lethal round. The perpetrator is taking a calculated risk upon forced entry....after seeking reasonable retreat call the undertaker. I would never produce a gun unless I fully intend to kill the man I am pointing it at
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