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How about Clay Snooker?

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Ever played this? Clay Snooker. :roll:
7 traps, each one designated a colour as snooker balls. Each trap's location is clearly defined on a board in front of the shooters.
Hit the easy 'red', then choose a colour. Obviously the targets get harder as you choose a higher scoring colour.
IE, red = 1, up to black = 7. Miss the red and you only get another red. :oops:
Can easily be played on a '5 stand', each shooter moves along after 4 shots, 20 shots in all. Can also be played with less traps, just leave a few colours out.
Maximum score 10 x red, plus 10 x black = 80 :p
This is great fun to shoot and the greedy seldom win! :evil:
Can be easily varied, depending upon trap resources, and can even be shot by one or more shooters, from one or more stands
The biggest difference to 5 stand, ('Compact Sporting' in the UK), is that you get to choose your second bird on every pair., and it's flexible.
Maybe your club may set this up if enough shooters want it. Believe me, it's a real corker! {RO
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we do something very similar called make or break and we just number the traps 1 easy and up. the number of the trap is it's value. i have done tournaments we you shot againts 1 person using a bracket system or a large group and high score wins. we usually start by going through each target always starting with 1 (and having to break it) then you get to call 4 more. so if its heads up you have to pay attention to score if it is a group go for the highest you think you can break
Most shoots of any size here have a snooker field, or two. The "registered" or "patented" version is called Make-a-Break, invented by the same guy that invented 5 stand.

MAB has a strict set of rules, target requirements and boundary markers, it's a pretty big money game here. Do a google search for Make a break, you'll get several hits.
Wow Tex! Never seen stuff like that in little old England. Night time as well. :shock:
Reminds me a bit of 'Smackdown', but looks great. Cheers fella.
Ensign said:
Ever played this? Clay Snooker. :roll:

Nah, you are only allowed one chalk. I`ll get me coat :) .
Ensign, that was their attempt to make it "saleable" to a public market, like TV, and get some big money into the game. It's not that it went over badly, it will just never command the spot of golf/NASCAR/NHRA etc etc etc.

Somewhere I have the layout described exactly, but can't find it at the moment, here is a little more about it The "course" is marked off with those banner/ribbon flag things, like you might see at a car dealership, and the machines are covered with a plastic colored square box, number well displayed. But you must break the target within this designated area that is flagged off. Something like 50 yards wide, 70 yards deep.

The only time I have personally witnessed a true 90+ yard target was in snooker, as the #7 bird, if you can see it and ever find where you need to be----------and for me, if it is a L-R instead of R-L, I stand a chance.

Snooker is kinda a wildcat MAB, I think in MAB the #7 target has to fly within 65 yards of the cage or platform, at some point, not that difficult. In snooker, look out!!

We also stand on a constructed platform, probably 3 feet off the ground and shooters stand beside each other------maybe 4 feet by 10 in length, so not really right beside. There are alot more rules to it than I have put here, one of those "ya just need to do it once" things. But alot of fun, and takes some time.

Shootoffs usually involve the last 8 shooters (highest 8 scores) and you have to buy back in, they usually start at 5-6 pm and will take 1.5 hours to complete. The last two shooters will usually go the best 2 out of 3, and pay 3 places.
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Probably the most fun I have had with a shotgun is shooting snooker. If you can get the weight (handicap) right its a great game to make a friendly or not so friendly wager.

I witnessed a big name shooter get hosed by a A class guy for big $$$$$$. The handicap was fair but the dollar's tightened his shirt collar :D

At this year's Texas State Championship the #7 target was a straightforward going away trap shot starting at about 75 yards :shock: I didnt see anyone hit the thing.

If the targets are good, damn its FUN :D

Sounds like awesome fun. I'd love to give it a go!
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