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I want to get my wife into trap/skeet shooting. I dont shoot very often and its usually informal (hand thrown with friends) but I would like us to get more serious about it. I have a Stoeger 2000 deluxe and absoultely love it but I am afraid with the recoil operated action that it will have too much kick for her. Although she is a larger woman 5'11'. I was looking at getting her the Stoeger Condor Deluxe 20 ga o/u. I think this should be a economical good "starter" gun for her. Any opinions on this would be appreciated.

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I think your money would be better spend on a quality auto then the Stoeger. Look at the Beretta, Benelli or Remington autos in a 20Ga. The Auto will kick less. My personal opinion of the Stoeger O/U is not very high. Fit and finsh is less then good and the couple I have shot are not kind in the felt recoil department. However, everyone is different and has different taste. Stop by your local gun club and see if you can find someone who owns a Stoeger she can try but also have her try an auto as well. Let her decide what fits and feels the best for her.

Good Luck

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