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How best to clean up old decoys?

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Would appreciate any veteran waterfowlers' opinions on how to make some plastic Canada goose dekes I was just given look more realistic. The colors look dull, especially the blacks. Or does that matter much? If the paints should be touched up, how is the best way to go about it?

These have been in a shed for a number of years, so it is not so much wear and tear from regular use, but just the deterioration of long storage. This will be my first set of decoys to use, as my goose hunting up to now has been pass shooting as they leave a neighbor's property and jump shooting from a canoe on a river. There's almost 3 dozen, so it seems a shame not to try to get some benefit from this gift.
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im not the most seasoned hunter but i have been goose hunting for 13 years here in canada. Our dekes are OLD. As long as they dont have and big scuffs that make them stand out like a sore thumb you should be ok, we are. if u set them out and you see something that doesnt look right then most likely a goose will notice to. Our dekes dont have the best colors but they still look like geese(mostly) and if they are set out right by the time the geese get close enough to see any mistakes you should have killed them.
I spray my dekes with armorall and then wipe them down with a towel- I do this once per season. give it a try.
Put them in a dog cage and then take a power washer to them....this will take off any dust, dirt, loose paint, ect. After they have dried well, I use model airplane paint (enamel) to repaint them. Use flat colors on all areas except one....the eye! use gloss black in this area and you will be amazed how much more lifelike a decoy becomes. Hope this helps. :D
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