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I'm pretty new to the shotgun game, and only have about 300+ rounds under my belt, assorted shots and brands for patterning, a few boxes of slugs, some birdshot for practice. All "name brand" (Remington, Federal, Winchester).

I clean out the barrel thoroughly after each session.

Last week, I found a "deal" on Estate 00 buckshot from Cabela's (probably from here actually, $150/case). I didn't come across too many bad reviews, so I picked one up to try along with a few boxes of Federal Truball 2-3/4" 1 oz. slugs for sighting my gun in over the weekend.

Well, I only managed to rip off about 10 slugs, and maybe 30 rounds of the 00. I put the gun away until tonight for inspection and cleaning (and also to touch up a big scratch in the receiver from the extractor).

Wow. The barrel was FILTHY. I hit that sucker with some generous doses of Hoppe's lead and copper cleaning solution, and had to run a Tornado brush through it about 20 times before I could get a clean patch out the other end, and a smooth mirror finish in there. Some serious lead caking going on. Probably over the course of 1/2 hour.

I know slugs have something to do with this, but can I blame the Estate ammo, too? That was pretty bad for such a short shooting session.
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