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I've had my 2000 for at least 3 years and maybe 4, funny how they run together. Any way, mines a first model with the white front bead and flat rib, I know the current models have a red glow bead and have heard but cannot confirm that the rib is stepped. Mine is also the max-4 camo camo version.

I have never had a problem with my gun, it has always performed flawlessly. I have not tried to shoot light target loads in it however, because I just use it for hunting, mostly ducks and geese. It is now my Son's favorite gun to shoot. I would recommend the gun to anyone based on my experience.

Its a bargin.

Best regards,


The nut list- Baker 1898 Damascus barrel double hammer gun / American Arms single shot 12 ga/ Winchester Model 12 26" IC solid rib black diamond high grade straight grip checkered stock and fore end 12ga / Winchester 1300 Black Shadow Turkey 12ga / Winchester SX2 3 ½" 12ga / Browning Gold Hunter 20ga / Stoeger 2000 Max4 camo 12ga / Beretta AL391 Urika Gold 12ga / Remington 870 Wingmaster 20ga / Springfield .410 single shot (for yet to be conceived grand babies)/ Ugartechea Model 30 12 ga/
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